Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I really wanted to run. I really wanted to experience a real race. A marathon for that matter. But I am not ready for a real marathon yet, so I involved myself for a fun run first. Luckily Consolacionanon organized a fun run. Me, Michelle and a couple of our friends registered ourselves for the event.
Consolacionanon Fun Run

Call time was 4:30AM. We slept late and woke up early, about 3:00AM, not a good idea though but we still manage the time. Before the gun start, a few exercises are made to ensure safety. They had zumba and we are all sweating up when we felt tremor from aftershock.

Fun Run route
For 3K: From SM Consolacion to Fooda Supermart, U-turn, then back to SM Consolacion
For 5K: From SM Consolacion to Fooda Supermart, U-turn all the way to Petron Station, U-turn then back to SM Consolacion

I thought it was a short race granting a 3K distance. For the first kilometers though, we (Michelle, Kri, Mellete, Jayson and me) are going head to head on same pace. But I wanted speed up. I wanted to test myself. I inform the gang I will increase my speed, but as soon as I progress, my running speed deteriorates.

Jayson finished up first. I ended the race with an official time of 00:22:27 not bad for a first timer. But I had to come back to cheer Michelle. Mellete followed me 5 seconds after. Then came Kri with a 25-minutes range and Michelle at 27.

Michelle with the secret service
Michelle with the secret service

It was a great experience. We never felt muscle pains not until the day after. I should have prepared my legs, my breathing, my pacing. I realized that life is a race. But it's not about who comes first, it's about the journey.

Photo Grabs:
before the fun run starts
before the fun run starts
zumba right after the race
photoshoot with the minion
trying to rest for a while

posing before running
michelle gives up a pose
heading home

Thanks to Mellete and Consolacionanon for the photo
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