Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have been to Barangay Sirao and back, but I haven't notice some distinct landscape or perhaps some perfect picture that could truly represent the barangay until recently.

Barangay Sirao is located in the western part of Cebu City. This barangay is known locally as the home of fresh and beautiful flowers. Here you can find the farms of flower that you see being sold down at the Freedom Park in Carbon market.

You can get to Barangay Sirao by driving up to Busay then stretch to Ayala Heights in Pung-ol and turn right upon reaching Kan-irag Nature Park.

One of the highlights of Barangay Sirao is the landscapes leading the village center. You will be leading a road with green scenery...

Additionally, here are some of flowers ever grown in the area:
a variety of orchid
dancing lady
Here is my favorite spot:
the soloist


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