Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Last Nov. 1, I go to my Nanay's house to get some flowers for our departed. She lived in Brgy. Sirao, Cebu City, one of mountain barangay of Cebu. I never expected really the tradition they have.

In that barangay, everyone was having some feast to share. Wherein you look, you would find some houses preparing their food, as if there was a feast. By the time it was 12 noon, I was toured to the other houses and have a taste of their food. They even offer some delicacies. You wouldn't go out without some bring-house if you would call.

I finished with three houses, and you could tell I was so full... They invited me to go to other houses, but I refuse because I have no where to put my foods.

Back in our community, we never really put some effort on having some preparations like food and stuff, a plain candles and flowers will do. We never have the idea of sharing some foods during the holiday.

The different kind of spirit shared during that All Saint's Day, is way too different than what I normally experience. It was worth the trip, and makes me realize to come back for another year.
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