Saturday, January 23, 2010

I bet. I lost. I won.

I was scolding my 10-year-old niece for having been shouting his aunt (my cousin) and telling her some rude things. I scolded her so furiously as if I would beat her.

She go to her room and cried really hard. Gasping her breath crying, I gave her a glass of water.

I realized, though she doesn't have parents to run to, it's my obligation to fill one. Her parents were separated, with her mother worked abroad. She lived with us when she was a year old.

To calm her down and to let her realized the mistakes she had made, I brought her to the nearest fastfood (Chowking) with my other cousin of same age as her, and bought them some halo-halo. I let her ate the whole serving which she nicely shares to her cousin-aunt.

When headed home, I stop over to buy some buy-one-take-one burger. I told her why I do scolded here and explaining her the bad things she had done. She did promise me not to do it again. I told her to say sorry to her aunt and give her a piece of the burger we just bought. Piece offerings? Not really, I rather call it, Respect offerings...

How much I lost that day? Php100.00
How much I gain? Priceless Respect.


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