Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Last March 13, The Event was held in Cowboys Stadium, Dallas, Texas where Manny Pacquiao battle it up against Joshua Clottey. Close to 51,000 spectators watch the said fight from the arena.

In a little barangay of Pulpogan, in a town of Consolacion, a CCTV was set-up for a live feed of the said fight. The viewing is free, and was sponsored by some of the politician running for a term in office. Just as many people gathers in the Dallas Stadium, so as in the basketball gymnasium. They may not be able to afford the luxury of watching the fight first hand, but the same exciting and anticipation is what you can feel.

Upon hearing Michael Buffer announced the start of the fight, you can't hear anything other than the shouting, and the eagerness to see a knockout. Everyone was so excited. Some can't even hold their sits that they prefer to stand up instead.

During the fight, that for every hit Manny makes to the defensive style Clottey, much more shouting and clapping you can hear. You can really feel their enormous admiration and look-up for their idol Pacquaio.

Here are some the picture of the millions watching around the world...

Did I say Manny won? Yep, Manny won via a unanimous decision against Clottey. You might gonna ask who will be the next opponent for Pacquiao, well, ask Floyd...


  1. floyd is gay. hahaha... he doesn't want to look beaten by pacquiao.