Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hidden Paradise. Ylaya, San Fernando.

We celebrated the birthday of Michelle (July 3) for another out of town trip. Well, we also have to celebrate the birthday of her younger sister, Quennie (July 7). This time we decided to go to San Fernando and see what is hidden in there. Michelle and I, together with Quennie and my niece Sheena, decided to meet Mellete in their house in Basak, Pardo, while Kri just waited for us since their house was along the way.

With little foods, more on snacks and our day packed clothes, we headed ourselves to San Fernando. Upon reaching the town, Kri met us. We stopped by at her place and did some karaoke. Brgy. Ylaya to be exact is surrounded by mountains on both directions, you hardly have cellphone signals there.

Karaoke Sessions:
Contestant #1
Contestant #2
Contestant #3
Playing with baby Nicholl

Playing with baby Nicholl
Playing with baby Nicholl

some selfie
baby Nicholl
waiting for contestant #4

Karaoke done. Next stop, Mellete's home.

Door was locked. One of the neighbor was having a salu-salo for the blessing of their home. Since Melette's brother was their cook, we assumed her brother was there too. While we were just supposed to go and get the keys of the house, we ended in the dining table. Hahaha! Thanks to the host for letting us in.
feeling ashamed, hahaha...
thank you food!

We waited until dark, before we proceeded to our main goal which is Hidden Paradise. We prepared something for the night. We cooked some rice, bananas and bought some lechon manok, after which about 8 o'clock in the evening off we went. Since Mellete's house happened to just be some walking distance from the said resort, we decided to try and walked in the night. It was a bit tiring, we were completely drenched in sweat, because the place happened to be up in the mountains.

The place was nice as always, there just wasn't much guests when we arrived. Apparently we arrived a bit late and they started to close the pool. Luckily for us, the consultant of the resort was Melette and Kri's uncle, so we were given an extension for the time to use the pool, even up until 12 midnight.

Here are the images of the resort in the morning.

And more...

We hurriedly checked out because we had a church service to catch.

Thanks to Sheena and Mellete for the pics.


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