Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I know this seemed to be an overdue. But I was determined to do a blog about the experienced we had while Byron was here in the Philippines.

Just after I was discharged from hospital, Byron and his lady sidekicks visited me in my house. There, Mellete, Michelle and Quennie introduce me to Byron. We had a great chat, we talked about my time in the hospital, my diagnostics and/or just about anything. (I was hospitalized by having mild stroke symptoms, but it is a different story, I might blog it later). Byron was from Hawaii, and he was here for a visit.

Bro. Byron did me a favor and showed us on how to properly massage my feet. And oh by the way, they brought me some fruits too. I love how he extended some kindness that time.

After the terrific sessions with Bro. Byron, we decided to do some shopping at a nearby mall. I brought my niece, Sheena along. That was the first time they ever step foot on SM Consolacion and I was kinda limping my foot too, literally. We had fun, and seemed there was an event that time. We saw vintage cars lined up. We couldn't resist not taking some pictures. And guess what, it was a Dad's Day celebration, so we cheered Byron too.

We had fun, we had great time, we were hungry. We didn't noticed it was dark already. We decided to take some dinner then. I proposed to had it in Co-Jordan Seafood Restaurant. We took a motor ride (habal-habal) from SM Consolacion to the place. I was so shocked to learned that the fare was 20 pesos each person. I was irked knowing for a short distance between the mall to Co-Jordan Seafood's. I did managed to haggle it for 30 pesos for two.

Co-Jordan Seafood Restaurant is a nice place. They had mostly seafood in their menu. It was just disappointing to know that their cottages are with fee. They had free cottage though, but you had it near the entrance. Bit noisy with the passing cars and trikes, plus a karaoke machine in your side. Not a romantic place for night-time diner.

We ordered a bit of everything, from fish to squid to clams. We ordered some pork too, just to accentuate some meat on the table. Learning the variety of orders we had, I was thinking I may add more money to the share. Luckily, Bro Byron takes cared of the bill for us.

Anxiously waiting for our orders, we diverted ourselves for some pose.

Food arrived. We were so hungry that we forgot to take pictures of the food and eventually straight to eating instead. Too late. Food was great! It would have been great putting it here. But nevertheless, we enjoyed much of it. We managed to take pictures though, oh well, right after we ate.

Look how hungry we are. A real mess, isn't it?

Thank you Bro. Byron for the kindness.


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