Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is it true that there's True LOVE after a heartbreak?

For those who are broken-hearted and still believe in destiny, I believe you can relate to what LOVE is after failings.

Well, pain is a very known feeling if we fall in love. This is not the feeling to be afraid of. We cannot say to ourselves that we are in-love unless we do feel the heartaches. To those who have not experience this matter, read on!

As what they say, there's always rainbow after the rain. There are many reasons why we won't aim to an end. Life in itself are one. Then ask yourself, "How great is GOD's LOVE?" - the steadfast love. Only God is true to His promise, unlike a person's promises. Crying may the best solution to release the pain even if you are a guy. You cannot appreciate the beauty of life, unless you will release the pain and forgive the person who caused you. Not until you realize that moving forward with the Grace and Love of God is the right decision you'll ever make.

So treat yourself with undivided attention. Forget and forgive your past. Love yourself. Be filled with the Love of God.  Remember, we cannot give what we don't have.Without the works of God, we can do nothing. If we live in life like this, you will be amazed what God can do for you - your future, your destiny!

Enjoy your journey with God. His joy is our strength.  Make God be the center of our life and everything will follow smoothly. To God be the glory!

About the Author:
Michelle Cabasag is a youth leader from Good News Christian Fellowship. She hails from Zamboanga del Norte and currently residing in Cebu City.
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